Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is as critical to the visibility of your company as a great website. A great SEO strategy will ensure that your website receives the maximum number of eyeballs, which in turn converts to leads and sales.

At Dee Creative Design, SEO is a multi-layered, strategic process that is integrated into the entire process of web development from the word go. Right from the website map to the content and the images, SEO becomes an organic part of our web offerings.

Our specialized Search Engine Optimization techniques help in increasing the organic, natural and the direct visitors to your website.

Here are some ways in which our programmers and designers ensure high SEO rankings for your company.

• Web analytics

• SEO-friendly URLs.

• Keyword research at the outset

• Include a site map page

• Unique title and meta descriptions

• Relevant content

• Keywords as anchor text

• Regular site updation

Dee Creative Designs helps you with the following SEO optimizations on your website

1. Facilitates web analytics for the arrangement of keywords, Meta data and architecture.

2. Makes suggestions on customizing your websites for search engines through keywords and metadata.

3. Creates scripts that would increase the priority of your webpage on the search engines.

4. Makes valuable suggestions on how to attract more people through link building and social media marketing.

5. Tracks the keywords that brings most number of hits to your web pages and the website.

6. Tracks the organic as well as direct hits on your websites from the audiences.

7. Finally, and importantly, arranges for paid promotions and sponsored links.

Dee Creative Design is focused on getting your website top rankings on Google, Bing and other major search engines – utilizing our in-depth understanding of SEO for each platform.

Our flexible SEO packages include Local Optimization, Generic Optimization, E-commerce Optimization, International Level Optimization and many more.Talk to us to understand the package that best serves your needs and budget.